Episode 5: Be Well Fitness, Nutrition, and Coaching

In this episode, Lauren McLaughlin, M.S. sits down with Dr. Mat Parker to discuss everything from nutrition to fitness. Lauren is a health coach, nutrition expert, a national level NPC figure competitor, author, cancer survivor, and mother of two!


Over the years Lauren has logged thousands of hours of hands-on training with clients of varying fitness levels including spinal cord injury patients to new moms to senior citizens. She has dealt with a plethora of obstacles along the way including a massive car accident and cancer.


Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why traditional diets fail and what to do about it…
  • The question you HAVE to ask yourself before choosing the right style of eating
  • How to understand your personal psychology and your relationship with food to be the healthiest version of yourself
  • What the heck is Orthorexia and is it something you or a loved unknowingly has?
  • The different factors to consider if you know if you are truly healthy (and no it’s not just how much you weigh…)
  • The common mistakes men and women make with nutrition & fitness….and how to avoid them
  • …AND much more!!

If you’re interested in learning more about Lauren you can follow and interact with her at:

Website: www.bewellpersonalfitness.com


Stay Healthy San Diego and thank you for listening!

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