Episode 3: Got Vertigo

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Kim Bell, DPT, vertigo expert, physical therapist, educator, and laughologist! She specializes in helping people suffering with dizziness, vertigo, and balance issues. Dr. Bell is the founder of “The Bell Method,” a unique methodology for analyzing and resolving these complaints.
Listen to this episode to learn:
  • What the difference between disequilibriumdizziness, and vertigo?


  • What happens when you have motion sickness…


  • Why are vertigo and dizziness constantly misdiagnosed and mismanaged?


  • What a ROOT CAUSE vertigo evaluation looks like and when is the time to contact a vertigo specialist


  • Who normally gets vertigo and dizziness (hint: it’s not who you think)


  • Why self-treating and doing exercises on your own can be hazardous to your health


  • And MUCH MORE….!


Website: https://www.betterbalanceinlife.com/ | https://vertigodetective.com/

Phone: 760-652-9993

Email: Info@BetterBalanceInLife.com

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