Episode 12: Blue Zones & Aging Well


In this episode, Jon Schwartz, CEO and owner of Partner In Aging sits down with Dr. Mat Parker to discuss the aging process and how we can do it better.


Jon has a business degree in Entrepreneurship from Indiana University and a master’s degree in gerontology from USC. At USC, his emphasis was how to reduce admissions to institutionalized care facilities.


In the beginning of 2019 Jon took his decade plus experience in the field of aging and started the company, Partner In Aging. Partner In Aging is designed to help seniors connect to an expert advocate which helps individuals to age well at home and/or find the right retirement community. His passion is to speak to groups to inspire and educate our San Diego community on aging successfully.


Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Jon’s incredible story that would eventually lead him to his life’s passion to work with the aging population


  • What are the BENEFITS of aging (yes, there are benefits!)



  • The exact process Jon uses to help individuals transition into a retirement community OR how to live more comfortably in their own home


  • Common mistakes people make when trying to age more successfully (and how to avoid them…)


  • …and MUCH more!!


To learn more about Jon and Partner In Aging go to the link below:


Website: partnerinaging.com


Thanks for listening and remember…Stay Healthy San Diego!

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